Wells Fargo

Someone I know had lost her husband to cancer last Feb. He left enough insurance money so she could pay the house off which she did right away. Wells Fargo knowingly owes her money from the equity on the house. However even though they asked for and were sent the proper paper work the morons sent her a check in her and her husbands name. She cannot cash her check since her husband cannot endorse it. She has called and written many times over the last few months, simply asking that the check be reissued in her name only. They have agreed to take it for consideration. Months later they are still considering it. How stupid do you have to be to get a job there?


Going To The Show

     I went to the show recently to see The Last Exorcism. Supposed to be a very spooky movie. I like going to the theatre however, I just can't stand the ignorant people that also go. You know who you are.

    You are the three idiots who decide that seeing a movie like this is ok for a three year old boy. The boy was quieter than you were. Every time it looked like something scary would happen, one of you had to scream in anticipation. This really ruined the film for me.

     Then we had the large group of very young teens. This movie was rated PG-13, these kids were no more than 14 tops. They all marched in with their little cell phones lit up and at the ready, They sat ahead of us and to the right so we got to hear all their little teenybopper noises.

     Of course the senior drunken men who sat next to us were loud and one of them kept shaking his bag of popcorn, loudly.

     The scariest thing about this movie was that I was scared I would kill one of these people.

     I paid ten dollars to see and hear this movie, not your bodily noises, your sound effects, or your stupid comments. Shut the hell up you low life, selfish, brain damaged idiots. photo credit: wvs via photopin cc


To All Drunks

     I have gotten drunk a couple times in my life. I'm what they call a happy drunk like my grandfather was. We're the kind of drunks that have fun and laugh a lot and do things to make others laugh. I know we're annoying but we don't talk a lot and don't cause problems.

     However there are many people including members of my own family that don't know when to stop drinking. Wave a bottle in front of them and they will drink one after the other till they either vomit or pass out.

     In between all these drinks I have to hear things I've heard a million times before. To make it even worse an hour later they repeat once again.  I also have to hear them talk about how wonderful they are. "I'm so smart, I'm so beautiful, everyone just loves me, etc,etc,etc."

     Then when you can no longer listen to them they become angry and the climate gets even worse.
Sometimes it even rises to them damaging and throwing things.

     Now if  you know this is what happens when you drink, why would you do it? If you want to behave like that I don't want to be your hostage. I don't want to listen to your crap. Leave me the hell alone.

     I wish you could see yourselves when you're drunk. You are sloppy, you slur your speech, you're clumsy, and just plain disgusting.


2010 Census

     Answer me this. If the census is supposed to be anonymous how are the census takers going to houses where the census wasn't returned to make people fill them out ?


Arizona and the New Law

     The governor signed the new law into effect saying that the police can demand to " see your papers" to prove citizenship if they think you are illegal.

     So let's see, anyone can be illegal. We've got people of all races living here legally. I'm sure we must also have legals here who don't speak a word of English as I'm sure there are folks living in other countries who speak perfect English so language can't be a tell.

     I'm a middle age white English speaking born and bred in Illinois, female and I don't know if I want to go to Arizona now. Unless they promise to deport me to a nice tropical island somewhere.

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