Kudos To New Reality Show

     I just happened to catch this new reality show called " Undercover Boss ". The show consists of a CEO or company owner, going undercover as a new first day employee starting at the bottom. He works for a day at some of his locations where they don't know him and teach him the job and whatever it is he has to do it.

     I have been saying to various bosses that I've had in the past that I think it's very important that they spend at least one day doing each of the jobs they expect their employees to do. An hour or two is not enough. They need to go through the day like everyone else does to learn what is working well in the company and what sucks and can be improved.

     Don't tell me it's easy and you can do it better and faster till you fill my shoes and actually do it. If you really want to know how it is spend a week at the job. Companies could be so much better if they listen to the workers rather than the bunch of corporate kiss butts they hire for their higher management and corporate offices who don't know a darn thing about what they make policies and idiotic decisions for.

What Is Your Major Malfunction?

     It doesn't matter whether you go to McDonalds or White Castle, they can never get the simplest thing right. It's not that much to remember at White Castle. When you say you want everything on it that should mean onions, pickle, and their sauce a mixture of mustard and ketsup. Better check your order before you leave cuz they forget the sauce half the time. McDonalds will almost always forget something in your order.

     So is it that they don't understand or they don't care? Yet another reason to quit getting fast food.

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