Going To The Show

     I went to the show recently to see The Last Exorcism. Supposed to be a very spooky movie. I like going to the theatre however, I just can't stand the ignorant people that also go. You know who you are.

    You are the three idiots who decide that seeing a movie like this is ok for a three year old boy. The boy was quieter than you were. Every time it looked like something scary would happen, one of you had to scream in anticipation. This really ruined the film for me.

     Then we had the large group of very young teens. This movie was rated PG-13, these kids were no more than 14 tops. They all marched in with their little cell phones lit up and at the ready, They sat ahead of us and to the right so we got to hear all their little teenybopper noises.

     Of course the senior drunken men who sat next to us were loud and one of them kept shaking his bag of popcorn, loudly.

     The scariest thing about this movie was that I was scared I would kill one of these people.

     I paid ten dollars to see and hear this movie, not your bodily noises, your sound effects, or your stupid comments. Shut the hell up you low life, selfish, brain damaged idiots. photo credit: wvs via photopin cc


To All Drunks

     I have gotten drunk a couple times in my life. I'm what they call a happy drunk like my grandfather was. We're the kind of drunks that have fun and laugh a lot and do things to make others laugh. I know we're annoying but we don't talk a lot and don't cause problems.

     However there are many people including members of my own family that don't know when to stop drinking. Wave a bottle in front of them and they will drink one after the other till they either vomit or pass out.

     In between all these drinks I have to hear things I've heard a million times before. To make it even worse an hour later they repeat once again.  I also have to hear them talk about how wonderful they are. "I'm so smart, I'm so beautiful, everyone just loves me, etc,etc,etc."

     Then when you can no longer listen to them they become angry and the climate gets even worse.
Sometimes it even rises to them damaging and throwing things.

     Now if  you know this is what happens when you drink, why would you do it? If you want to behave like that I don't want to be your hostage. I don't want to listen to your crap. Leave me the hell alone.

     I wish you could see yourselves when you're drunk. You are sloppy, you slur your speech, you're clumsy, and just plain disgusting.


2010 Census

     Answer me this. If the census is supposed to be anonymous how are the census takers going to houses where the census wasn't returned to make people fill them out ?


Arizona and the New Law

     The governor signed the new law into effect saying that the police can demand to " see your papers" to prove citizenship if they think you are illegal.

     So let's see, anyone can be illegal. We've got people of all races living here legally. I'm sure we must also have legals here who don't speak a word of English as I'm sure there are folks living in other countries who speak perfect English so language can't be a tell.

     I'm a middle age white English speaking born and bred in Illinois, female and I don't know if I want to go to Arizona now. Unless they promise to deport me to a nice tropical island somewhere.


Nice Bank Scam

     I over drew my checking account. I understand it was my responsibility and my fault, however our bank needs to take responsibility for their part also. What did they do you might ask?

     When the account was opened we asked for monthly statements, we did not get them. My husband went into the bank and asked for the previous 4 statements and that we please receive statements from then on. They again did not send any more statements.

     Yes I should have kept after them but I don't think I should have to. How stupid are these people I wondered at first and then I figured they do this on purpose so people will overdraw and owe them large fees. Thanks a lot you jerks!


Kudos To New Reality Show

     I just happened to catch this new reality show called " Undercover Boss ". The show consists of a CEO or company owner, going undercover as a new first day employee starting at the bottom. He works for a day at some of his locations where they don't know him and teach him the job and whatever it is he has to do it.

     I have been saying to various bosses that I've had in the past that I think it's very important that they spend at least one day doing each of the jobs they expect their employees to do. An hour or two is not enough. They need to go through the day like everyone else does to learn what is working well in the company and what sucks and can be improved.

     Don't tell me it's easy and you can do it better and faster till you fill my shoes and actually do it. If you really want to know how it is spend a week at the job. Companies could be so much better if they listen to the workers rather than the bunch of corporate kiss butts they hire for their higher management and corporate offices who don't know a darn thing about what they make policies and idiotic decisions for.

What Is Your Major Malfunction?

     It doesn't matter whether you go to McDonalds or White Castle, they can never get the simplest thing right. It's not that much to remember at White Castle. When you say you want everything on it that should mean onions, pickle, and their sauce a mixture of mustard and ketsup. Better check your order before you leave cuz they forget the sauce half the time. McDonalds will almost always forget something in your order.

     So is it that they don't understand or they don't care? Yet another reason to quit getting fast food.


The Second Part of The Post Office

     First they transferred my call and I found out later I was no longer talking to our towns PO, I was talking to a main office half way across the country. This woman told me the mail was being all sent back at the end of May, and not March like they said before.

     This was even worse because we had someone getting the mail from the box since April. The woman then told me that the PO could not continue to deliver mail to that house in my folks names because they were dead. I tried to explain to her that the only way we could pay their bills out of their estate was to leave my fathers name on them. Then I asked her if they go door to door to find out who was dead and who was still alive and she came back with, it's the delivery persons job to know who's died or not. What? She told me that my hubby would have to go to our local PO and bring his letter of executorship to not change the address but to tell them to deliver the mail as they had been doing over the last 30 years.

     As if that wasn't screwed up enough, guess what hubby does? I'm talking about the hubby who only half listens to what I tell him. Instead of picking me up from my parents house where I'm now staying, and then going to the PO to straighten things out. He goes on his own and actually changes the address to all to our apartment where I'm not staying. Yes, he's supposed to be taking care of all this but he isn't, I am.

     To put the final cherry on top, I went back for a few days to our apartment and ran into our mail lady there, she questioned me about the change of address with my parents name and I explained everything to her. She informed me that even though the letters had my folks names and our address , that she was sending bills back to the senders from our apartment. What the hell? So now the mail is going everywhere. Idiots all!

The Post Office

     I'll try not to go into too much detail, but I'm very upset about the post office. I fail to understand what is so hard about delivering the mail to the address on the fronts of envelopes.

     It started when my parents died. The house they lived in was empty. We live about 1/2 hour away and were only able to pick up their mail once a week on average. They died in early Dec. so we're talking about winter and my hubby who is executor and I want to winter drive as little as possible.  So yes the mailbox over there did get full but was emptied out at least weekly.

     I began to notice that their mail was thinning out little by little. We needed to continue to get the mail so we could pay their bills from the money they left. Our lawyer informed us that we could not touch any of the money as inheritance till all the creditors were paid and six months have passed.

     When spring came I noticed we had not gotten an electric bill in quite some time, and a house insurance bill that would be due in July had never come. I called these companies and paid what was owed. They told me that the post office marked their bills as no occupant and sent them back.

     I was surprised because the only person who could change the address for the mail was the executor and my hubby did no such thing. I called the post office and explained the situation. They looked it up and informed me the person delivering the mail did this at the end of March. Yes, I'm sure she meant well, but who did she think was picking up the mail box weekly?

     We had that man staying in the house from the beginning of April so I thought the mail would continue as normal. I was wrong. We stopped getting mail altogether there. I called the town's post office back and guess what? ( See the next post )


No Good Deed, The End

     For various personal reasons it was decided that my daughter needed to move out of our little garden apartment and into my parents house. The handy, homeless man was still there not intending to go anywhere, till my daughter called him again and told him straight out that she would be there at a certain time and if he was still in the house she would have to call the police to remove him.

     He then called his daughter who already knew what was going on but was unwilling to take him in, as where his sons, brother, and aunt. We let the daughter know in plain English that although we felt for the guy, we were not responsible for supporting him.

     So my daughter moves into the house which is as dirty a mess as when he moved in plus additional beer cans and assorted garbage. She calls us to say he's gone but his van is still there. She's also worried that he still has house keys although she did find a set in the living room. I told her I would stay with her for a few days. It was quiet and for three or four days we saw no hide nor hair of him until she noticed the back of a man going into the garage.

     So that's where he's been. We called his daughter again and told her we would have to call the police to remove him. This also settled a legal problem for us since he did have permission to be in the house at first we would have had to take him to court to evict him which would have cost us money and months to get him out.

     Since he did not have permission to reside in the garage that was trespassing and the cops would have had to take him out.

     His daughter then agreed to help get him off our property. Between her and her brother they sold the van to a junkyard and took him to a shelter. This occurred on Father's Day.

     Upon entering the garage we found a chair with a small tv and a makeshift matress. Of course there were some beer cans and other garbage. We cleared all that up except for a suspicious looking tin garbage can. Neither of us wants to open that.

Photo by Qmnonic


Second Part of "No Good Deed'

      Now mind you, I explained to this man exactly what the deal was with him staying here. I told him that it might only be this one month or it could be several months.

     After one month upon visiting the house to pick up our mail, we discovered he hadn't really done anything but collect beer cans in the living room, and that he had been spending a lot of time at the corner tavern. He said that he was making connections at the bar for odd jobs. Great. One thing I didn't want is for everyone to know that the house was empty except for him. Then we also found out he had been bringing people from the bar to the house to drink with him.

     I had enough and asked him in a very kind way to leave, that it wasn't working out. He grunted and after another month passed made it clear he wasn't going anywhere. He had no where else to go and even had his broken down van towed to our driveway. We stopped paying him and he had the nerve to complain to my husband that he was starving.

     My son and daughter are very mouthy and neither of them hold back when speaking their minds. They called him and talked to him, no, they talked at him and told him he had to leave or else. By now this man had been in the house for over two and a half months.

Find out how this saga ends in part 3 of No Good Deed.

Photo by The Snuffster


No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

     I lost both my parents early December of 2008 and my sister and I were left the house to sell. The housing markets bad so we haven't been able to sell it yet. Our lawyer also told us that with the house empty the house insurance would go up. With it in mind that someone should be living there as a house sitter a seemingly great idea came upon me.

      We live in an apartment complex and got to know the the handy man quite well. He installed our kitchen tile after the flood, did a great job, and stopped a couple times to have a couple beers with my husband.

     We found out he was working unofficially with his brother who got himself fired. By getting fired they also lost the reduced rent apartment they shared. Our friend now was sleeping in his broken down van in the parking lot. We felt sorry for him and trusted him. It seemed like the perfect idea to have him stay at my parents house and clean and paint the rooms. In return he could live there and we would pay him $250 a month for food and what ever.

     Guess what happened next?

Photo by Basykes

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