Arizona and the New Law

     The governor signed the new law into effect saying that the police can demand to " see your papers" to prove citizenship if they think you are illegal.

     So let's see, anyone can be illegal. We've got people of all races living here legally. I'm sure we must also have legals here who don't speak a word of English as I'm sure there are folks living in other countries who speak perfect English so language can't be a tell.

     I'm a middle age white English speaking born and bred in Illinois, female and I don't know if I want to go to Arizona now. Unless they promise to deport me to a nice tropical island somewhere.


Nice Bank Scam

     I over drew my checking account. I understand it was my responsibility and my fault, however our bank needs to take responsibility for their part also. What did they do you might ask?

     When the account was opened we asked for monthly statements, we did not get them. My husband went into the bank and asked for the previous 4 statements and that we please receive statements from then on. They again did not send any more statements.

     Yes I should have kept after them but I don't think I should have to. How stupid are these people I wondered at first and then I figured they do this on purpose so people will overdraw and owe them large fees. Thanks a lot you jerks!

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