Going To The Show

     I went to the show recently to see The Last Exorcism. Supposed to be a very spooky movie. I like going to the theatre however, I just can't stand the ignorant people that also go. You know who you are.

    You are the three idiots who decide that seeing a movie like this is ok for a three year old boy. The boy was quieter than you were. Every time it looked like something scary would happen, one of you had to scream in anticipation. This really ruined the film for me.

     Then we had the large group of very young teens. This movie was rated PG-13, these kids were no more than 14 tops. They all marched in with their little cell phones lit up and at the ready, They sat ahead of us and to the right so we got to hear all their little teenybopper noises.

     Of course the senior drunken men who sat next to us were loud and one of them kept shaking his bag of popcorn, loudly.

     The scariest thing about this movie was that I was scared I would kill one of these people.

     I paid ten dollars to see and hear this movie, not your bodily noises, your sound effects, or your stupid comments. Shut the hell up you low life, selfish, brain damaged idiots. photo credit: wvs via photopin cc

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