Shopping With Kids, The Next Generation

     I was a teen in the seventies so you can get an idea of what generation I came from. Now, I remember going shopping with my parents together and individually. I also remember that even before we left the house we were told where we were going and how we were expected to behave, and further what would happen if we didn't. We did.

     Both my husband and I have worked in retail and service with the public, I don't any longer but my husband does.He tells me that parents come into the store, ignore their kids who are actually tearing up the store by taking things off shelves and throwing them to each other and on the floor down isles. Many of these parents see the kids doing it and all they do is step over the merchandise. He says this is a daily happening.

     The other day one of the clerks told a kid to pick up and put back what he'd thrown. The mother came charging down the isle, demanding to know what the clerk said to her perfect angel. When the poor clerk tried to explain, the mother yelled at her to never talk to her child, and how dare she, blah, blah, blah.

     This is common among today's generation and it's pathetic! How dare you parents allow your little brats to treat other peoples property like that! Just who the hell do you think you and your mouth-breathers are?

     I was paying for my diner at the counter in a small Italian restaurant and a woman was behind waiting her turn to pick up her ordered food. She had a child of about four with her who was running back and forth down the isle where tables were set for customers to eat at. Every table had a setting to the side of salt, pepper, Parmesan, and a shaker of red peppers. While the woman ignored her child, he stopped at a table and picked up the red pepper shaker and swung it wildly, getting some pepper into his own face and eyes. The kid of course started screaming and the mother started screaming at the cahier as if it was the restaurants fault. Hey stupid mother, do you see a sign that says play house? Honestly, these parents are nothing short of morons and I really fear for their kids. One day something serious will occur and the kid will suffer becouse the parent is irresponsible.

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