No Good Deed, The End

     For various personal reasons it was decided that my daughter needed to move out of our little garden apartment and into my parents house. The handy, homeless man was still there not intending to go anywhere, till my daughter called him again and told him straight out that she would be there at a certain time and if he was still in the house she would have to call the police to remove him.

     He then called his daughter who already knew what was going on but was unwilling to take him in, as where his sons, brother, and aunt. We let the daughter know in plain English that although we felt for the guy, we were not responsible for supporting him.

     So my daughter moves into the house which is as dirty a mess as when he moved in plus additional beer cans and assorted garbage. She calls us to say he's gone but his van is still there. She's also worried that he still has house keys although she did find a set in the living room. I told her I would stay with her for a few days. It was quiet and for three or four days we saw no hide nor hair of him until she noticed the back of a man going into the garage.

     So that's where he's been. We called his daughter again and told her we would have to call the police to remove him. This also settled a legal problem for us since he did have permission to be in the house at first we would have had to take him to court to evict him which would have cost us money and months to get him out.

     Since he did not have permission to reside in the garage that was trespassing and the cops would have had to take him out.

     His daughter then agreed to help get him off our property. Between her and her brother they sold the van to a junkyard and took him to a shelter. This occurred on Father's Day.

     Upon entering the garage we found a chair with a small tv and a makeshift matress. Of course there were some beer cans and other garbage. We cleared all that up except for a suspicious looking tin garbage can. Neither of us wants to open that.

Photo by Qmnonic


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