The Second Part of The Post Office

     First they transferred my call and I found out later I was no longer talking to our towns PO, I was talking to a main office half way across the country. This woman told me the mail was being all sent back at the end of May, and not March like they said before.

     This was even worse because we had someone getting the mail from the box since April. The woman then told me that the PO could not continue to deliver mail to that house in my folks names because they were dead. I tried to explain to her that the only way we could pay their bills out of their estate was to leave my fathers name on them. Then I asked her if they go door to door to find out who was dead and who was still alive and she came back with, it's the delivery persons job to know who's died or not. What? She told me that my hubby would have to go to our local PO and bring his letter of executorship to not change the address but to tell them to deliver the mail as they had been doing over the last 30 years.

     As if that wasn't screwed up enough, guess what hubby does? I'm talking about the hubby who only half listens to what I tell him. Instead of picking me up from my parents house where I'm now staying, and then going to the PO to straighten things out. He goes on his own and actually changes the address to all to our apartment where I'm not staying. Yes, he's supposed to be taking care of all this but he isn't, I am.

     To put the final cherry on top, I went back for a few days to our apartment and ran into our mail lady there, she questioned me about the change of address with my parents name and I explained everything to her. She informed me that even though the letters had my folks names and our address , that she was sending bills back to the senders from our apartment. What the hell? So now the mail is going everywhere. Idiots all!


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