No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

     I lost both my parents early December of 2008 and my sister and I were left the house to sell. The housing markets bad so we haven't been able to sell it yet. Our lawyer also told us that with the house empty the house insurance would go up. With it in mind that someone should be living there as a house sitter a seemingly great idea came upon me.

      We live in an apartment complex and got to know the the handy man quite well. He installed our kitchen tile after the flood, did a great job, and stopped a couple times to have a couple beers with my husband.

     We found out he was working unofficially with his brother who got himself fired. By getting fired they also lost the reduced rent apartment they shared. Our friend now was sleeping in his broken down van in the parking lot. We felt sorry for him and trusted him. It seemed like the perfect idea to have him stay at my parents house and clean and paint the rooms. In return he could live there and we would pay him $250 a month for food and what ever.

     Guess what happened next?

Photo by Basykes


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