The Post Office

     I'll try not to go into too much detail, but I'm very upset about the post office. I fail to understand what is so hard about delivering the mail to the address on the fronts of envelopes.

     It started when my parents died. The house they lived in was empty. We live about 1/2 hour away and were only able to pick up their mail once a week on average. They died in early Dec. so we're talking about winter and my hubby who is executor and I want to winter drive as little as possible.  So yes the mailbox over there did get full but was emptied out at least weekly.

     I began to notice that their mail was thinning out little by little. We needed to continue to get the mail so we could pay their bills from the money they left. Our lawyer informed us that we could not touch any of the money as inheritance till all the creditors were paid and six months have passed.

     When spring came I noticed we had not gotten an electric bill in quite some time, and a house insurance bill that would be due in July had never come. I called these companies and paid what was owed. They told me that the post office marked their bills as no occupant and sent them back.

     I was surprised because the only person who could change the address for the mail was the executor and my hubby did no such thing. I called the post office and explained the situation. They looked it up and informed me the person delivering the mail did this at the end of March. Yes, I'm sure she meant well, but who did she think was picking up the mail box weekly?

     We had that man staying in the house from the beginning of April so I thought the mail would continue as normal. I was wrong. We stopped getting mail altogether there. I called the town's post office back and guess what? ( See the next post )


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